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  • 425 Street Name, UK, London
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Help Us Save The Children

$ 10,000 Needed Donation

Who we are?

We are an international organization that aims to serve children and communities, to help eradicate the pains of poverty. We intend to create programs and partnership that will be resilient in uplifting the poor.

The idea for the charitable organization was founded by members of AJJ Real Estate Development Corporation in his efforts to bring back to society. It organically expanded through helpful friends with the common interest of serving the needy.

The organization revolves around mostly children, since they are our world’s future. Every hungry belly satiated with nutritious foods, and every ailing body being cursed, is a step to sharing¬† the possibility of a world that works. A world without poverty because everyone shares.


What we do

As continues to explore possibilities, Corazon Foundation Inc. is involved in the following activities:

  • Feeding the hungry at least one meal a day.
    • Targeting 20,000 individuals by 2020
  • Bringing cure to young children with cancer, targeting full financial aid for qualified patients by 2020.

Ideas are limitless, we collaborate with every possible institution and individual to bring love and hope to those who need the most.

How to donate

For the feeding program, you can pay through Paypal.

For curing cancer patients, you can pay the hospital directly. Please make sure that the patient identification is indicated during the payment. Kindly coordinate with the patient’s contact person that you have made the payment in their behalf.

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